An Evening with Mark Twain

By Xenia Area Community Theater, Inc (other events)

5 Dates Through Aug 31, 2017

The Xenia Area Community Theater (X*ACT) is presenting a limited engagement production, An Evening With Mark Twain at the lovely Caesar Creek Vineyards.  The one-man show, featuring actor Al Yarcho as Twain, will feature excerpts from Twain’s books, stories and speeches.   
“If there is a list of American treasures, Twain certainly has to be on it”, said Yarcho. “His wit, insight and style are unsurpassed. Especially his insight. His observations on government, religion and mankind are as relevant today as the day he wrote them. But  his special brand of humor coupled with those observations was what separated him from everyone else. He truly was legendary”   
Yarcho says the evening will offer a variety of Twain’s works; from an excerpt of Huckleberry Finn to his recollections as a steam boat pilot on the Mississippi River. Also included will be excerpts from Twain’s book Letters From Earth, his experience in the insurance business and his hilarious encounter with Jim Blaine.   
Directing Yarcho is two-time X*ACT Award winner, Russ Dern. Dern has been recognized for his work as an actor and assistant director at X*ACT and will be making his directorial debut. “Russ has an incredibly keen eye”, said Yarcho. “He has great instincts and has been invaluable in helping me transform into the Twain we both envision. And not just Twain, but all the other characters that will be a part of the evening as well. It’s been a wonderful collaboration.”
The curtain goes up at 7:30 p.m.  The Vineyards will be open before and after the performance. Tickets are $14.00 for general admission and $12.00 for seniors and students. Tickets may be purchased at X*ACT’s web site ( or by making reservations at (937) 372-0516. Caesar Creek Vineyards is located at 962 Long Rd., just east of Xenia near the village of New Jasper.
Please Note: During the performance, Mr. Twain will likely enjoy a cigar. Extra air circulation and filtration will be in place.
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